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Filigrane Ketten, Feine Ketten

Delicate necklaces & filigree chains: refined look with simple elegance

Why delicate necklaces are a must for your jewelry collection

Delicate neckalces & filigree necklaces have always been a symbol of class, wealth and sophistication. Today they are the epitome of grace and femininity due to their elegant charisma.

A delicate necklace underlines your beautiful collarbone and neck while looking seductive-sensual. A fine necklace with a pendant will draw the attention to you and underline your personality. A beautiful long Y-chain on the other hand, makes you the star of the evening giving your special dress that certain something so you can stand out from the crowd. No matter which style you choose, in our silver jewelry online shop you will find a wide variety of delicate necklaces in long and short versions. You can also adjust the length of your favorite necklace so that it suits your individual preferences and looks!

Delicate necklaces and necklace layering 

Filigree necklaces in particular are suitable for layering looks as they do not appear too obtrusive combined together. However, it is important to ensure that every single chain has a different length so that each necklace can receive the right dose of attention. 🙃

You are also welcome to use different themes and styles in your necklace layering. For an elegant and classy look, however, we recommend avoiding more than three chains when layering. Still not sure?

Explore our selection of delicate necklaces now and find your new perfect gold layering necklace. 

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