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Ohrringe mit Perlen

Pearl earrings for a sophisticated look

Why pearl earrings make every woman feel special!

Nothing like granny jewelry! Pearl jewelry and pearl earrings in particular are making a comeback this season but this time in a more playful, modern, even sexy way.

Once a synonym for wealth and luxury, today are pearl earrings the ultimate epitome of femininity and sophistication. How about a pair of romantic hoop earrings made of real freshwater pearls or dainty earrings with gold pearl pendants?

Whether puristic and elegant or seductive and playful - fact is - gold earrings with pearls are adored by women of all ages. You definitely never go wrong by going for classy timeless pearl earrings. Get inspired from our selection now!

Pearl earrings - the perfect gift for your loved one

Pearls speak for themselves and are therefore one of the most popular jewelry gifts for women.  

Our advise: go for freshwater/baroque pearls that stand out with their asymmetry. Since they are not perfectly even and each pearl is unique by itself, one pair of beautiful authentic pearl earrings will ensure that their owner feels special. You could also combine ANELÉE earrings with other of our pearl favorites for a complete look. 

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