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Schmuck mit Perlen, moderner Perlenschmuck

Pearl jewelry - timeless, classy, trendy

Because you are never underdressed with pearl jewelry 

Attention, attention: All fashionistas are now rocking the pearl jewelry trend, and no - it does not belong to the Golden Twenties or you granny's jewelry collection anymore. On the contrary: The irresistible charm of the contemporary jewelry with pearls can be explained by the fact that it is the perfect mixture of tradition and modernity.

Amost no other jewelry type combines so well cheeky-fresh, playful designs with femininity and sophistication. This is why the pearl jewelry trend is living its biggest comeback this season.

Fashion-conscious ladies rock it either solo or with jewelry layering. How do you feel about the idea of combining a dainty necklace with a single pearl with slightly bolder necklaces for a cool modern vibe? Or maybe a pearl choker with a gold medallion chain? After all, it's all about the right mix. 

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