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Creolen Damen

Women's Gold Hoop Earrings - timeless-elegant and modern

The supreme discipline among earrings

Women's Gold Hoop Earrings look back on a long history. While in the past they used to be worn mostly for practical reasons, today they are a true fashion friend to many style-conscious women and an absolute classic among all types of earrings.


Women's Gold Hoop Earrings made of high-quality materials such as 925 silver fascinate with a noble and expensive appearance and give every look an exclusive, luxurious touch.


In our online shop ANELÉE you will find hoop earrings in a wide variety of designs. Mini hoop earrings look sophisticated and elegant and are therefore perfect for your office look. The shiny cubic zirconia make them shimmer mysteriously so they are still noticeable to your admirers. For braver fashionista we recomment statement hoop earrings. Extravagant women, on the other hand, may go for sleek earrings with eyecatching pendants which look cool and playful. Ear cuffs are also a good idea for them. As for the classic ladies among you a pair of stylish hoop earrings with pearls is definitely a must! 


Mixing Women's Gold Hoop Earrings - is that possible?

Why not? There are no limits when it comes to fashion experiments and especially - to your imagination! The only important rule here is to have fun so that YOU are can be satisfied with the end result.


For the gold hoop earrings layering you will only need two or more piercings on the same ear. Mixing hoops of different sizes looks cool, youthful and brings a fresh vibe.

As for the final touch, we recommend adding a trendy gold ear cuff, which will round off the whole look and make it appear more complete.

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