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 Allow yourself
to shine with our high-quality genuine jewelry!

Our deepest heart's desire while creating the collection was to include such unique jewelry designs that will give their owner a very special and exclusive feeling of elegance and beauty.  

Why? Because we believe that everything we are seeking for on the outside (beauty, acceptance, success, etc.) is an inside job - it starts with the inner feelings of joy and fulfillment. With our self-love & -acceptance and the confidence that we are unique and good enough the way we are.

Having said that, we see our jewelry as a symbol and a reminder of all mentioned above. It is the beautiful "tool" that helps us on our way to achieving our goal and carries the message of our uniqueness to the outside world.

Sometimes it's the little things, just like giving yourself a little treat that will light up the fire of joy in your heart & will bring back your sparkle, the first steps in the process of finding self-love and increasing our self-worth. Because they often remind us of who we really are, what we truly want and deserve.❤️ 

ohrringe mit blitz anhänger, eleganter Schmuck, zarter Schmuck
About Our Leather
schmuckset ohrringe und kette, perlenschmuck silber, ohrringe silber hängend vintage

We stand for self-love and self-confidence, femininity, individuality and sophistication

"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside"

- Coco Chanel

Our biggest source of inspiration can be found in the effortless-elegant French chic, as well as in the 1920s and 1950s aesthetics. These decades stand for the classic values of beauty, feminity and style we identify with and wished we could learn more from them and adapt to the modern time we live in. 

Jewelry tells a story of its own...


... and is often passed on from generation to generation like a talisman. At least this was the case in my family.

One piece of jewelry in particular played a very important role in my life. This was a very special jewel my grandmother left me. It was also the inspiration for our coin plate necklace and our brand in general. I still use to wear it, especially on days when I want to feel more like myself again, special and strong.

I dedicate ANELÉE to my grandmother Elena (also spelled "ANELE" backwards), who has always supported me in pursuing my goals and has shown me the importance of the values of perseverance, diligence and self-discipline.

ANELÉE Schmuckstory, Schmuck Talisman, Schmuck als Talisman, Familienfoto
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