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Our Crescent Moon Necklace Gold shines with subtle simplicity and elegance. This graceful dainty necklace fascinates not only with a beautiful design, but also with its symbolic meaning.

A moon necklace symbolizes the different phases in life, the change. On the other hand, it also stands for femininity, security and serenity. Knowing that, our crescent moon necklace is a beautiful symbol to wear around your neck as it gives strength and hope during difficult times.

It is also an affordable gifting option and ideal for young women.

Crescent Moon Necklace Gold 18 Karat

SKU: 1150
    • Handmade
    • Skin-friendly & anti-allergic
    • Material: 925 sterling silver
    • Pure Gold: 18k gold plating
    • Chain Length: 40 to 44 cm
    • Chain thickness: 10x4 mm
    • Stone Type: Cubic Zirconia

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