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Vergoldeter Schmuck

Gold plated jewelry for a goddess style

Give yourself some joie de vivre with our exclusive selection of gold plated jewelry!

Gold plated jewelry is one of the most precious and popular inventions in the jewelry world. It enchants many women's hearts (and not only) with its luxurious, warm appearance.

Gold has always been a symbol for elegance, class, prosperity, but also for optimism, sun and warmth. Women's gold jewelry is the perfect companion through all seasons - it looks seductive on tanned skin in summer but also provides happy vibes on cold winter days and minimizes the winter blues. It is ideal for the festive season and special occasions such as Christmas for example!

Gold plated jewelery can visually hardly be distinguished from solid gold jewelry while staying on the more affordable side. In combination with other precious metals such as real 925 Sterling Silver as a main basic is gold jewelry a real treasure and a good investment that you can enjoy for a long time. 

ANELÉE jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver and we use pure 18 Karat gold for the gilding. Your time to shine & to feel special!

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