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Statement Ketten, ausgefallene Ketten

Statement necklaces for a trendy appearance

Why we love statement necklaces

"Less is more" and inconspicuous was yesterday. Today we proudly wear our outstanding statement necklaces that give us an extra portion of self-confidence and strength in our everyday life. They fasctinate with a soft urban flair and at the same time with a lot of elegance.

Whether at the next party or at the office, ANELÉE statement, fancy necklaces made of high-quality materials such as 925 Sterling Silver and Pure Gold enhance every look and make you to a stylish trendsetter wherever you are!

Statement necklaces should not necessary be oversized, they can also stay on the filigree side. A little, extraordinary detail as a pendant for example is sometimes just enough to guarantee you the eye-catching effect and underline your individuality, uniqueness and good taste. 

Combining statement necklaces

Whether a gold chain link or a flat snake necklace, make sure that you go for only one, maybe two statement pieces at best. If you decide to go for more than that, at least make sure they both have a very similar style and color. It is recommendable to let your statement piece(s) be the star of the show and deispense with any additional necklaces or too bold earrings and rings.

Statement necklace are the perfect companion for simple, monochrome outfit combinations. We believe that statement jewelry still can (and should) still look elegant, so here you will not find any statement necklaces that are too coarse or heavy, but rather necklaces that are guaranteed to enhance your outfit and most importantly - to make you look and feel stylish. 

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