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Who could resist the charm of our Emerald Green Stone Ring? This little treasure is a very special piece of jewelry as there is something mysterious and unique about it. If you were looking for a ring that will underline both your inner and outer beauty, then this one is for you!


ANELÉE ring with an emerald colored stone is something you definitely don't see every day so it will emphasize your individuality in just a matter of seconds! It will make you shine from the inside out and you will appear more confident every time you put it on your finger.

The beautiful emerald color gives this stunning ring with green stone a royal flair and the delicately sparkling cubic zirconia stones make it look even more opulent. Absolutely adorable, right?


Emerald Green Stone Ring 18 Karat

SKU: 1270
    • Handmade
    • Skin-friendly & anti-allergic
    • Material: 925 sterling silver
    • Pure Gold: 18k gold plating
    • Stone Type: Cubic Zirconia
    • Stone Size: 3.65x6.75mm

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